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Family Trees
William Foxton b.1725
Rev. George Foxton
Dr. John Foxton
Capt. John Foxton
John Greenlaw Foxton
Dr. W. Foxton Hayley
Col. Justin F G Foxton
The Pantons
Dr Harold V Foxton
Rev. G.F.H. Foxton
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Family Trees Foxton Family TreePanton Family TreeFox Family Tree


Generation 1 William Foxton b.1725  


Generation 2

Children of William Foxton b.1725

William Foxton b.1755Mary Foxton b.1757, Dr. John Foxton b.1759,  

Rev. George Foxton b.1761


Generation 3

Children of William Foxton b.1755

Mary Foxton b.1777, Amelia Foxton b.1779, Caroline Foxton b.1790


Children of Dr. John Foxton b.1759

Cap. John Foxton b.1777, Dr. Henry Foxton, Mary Ann Foxton

William Foxton b 1792


Children of Rev. George Foxton b.1761

Rev. George Lardner Foxton b.1794, Rev. Frederick J. Foxton b.1795

Sarah Foxton b.1797, Mary Foxton b.1799, Amelia C. Foxton b.1803



Generation 4

Child of Caroline Foxton b.1790

Dr. William Foxton Hayley b.1808


Children of Captain John Foxton b.1777

John Greenlaw Foxton b.1811, Ann Foxton b.1811, George Foxton b.1814

William Hinde Foxton b.1816


Children of Rev. George Lardner Foxton b.1794

Frances Elizabeth Foxton b.1823Rev. George Frederick. H. Foxton  b.1825

Mary Anne Foxton b.1828Amelia C. Foxton b.1830Esther Foxton b.1830,  

William Foxton b.1834Charles Foxton b.1838Edward Foxton b.??,  

Arthur Foxton b.1840Frank Foxton b.1841Caroline Foxton b.1846



Generation 5 Children of Dr. William Foxton Hayley b.1808

Frances Hayley b.1843Alice Hayley b.1845Florence Hayley b.1847,  

William H. Foxton Hayley b.1848Mary Hayley b.1850,  

Frederick Hayley b.18536 more - died in infancy


Children of John Greenlaw Foxton b.1811

Justin Fox Greenlaw Foxton b.1849Edith Isabel Foxton b.1851,  

Kate Ann Foxton b.1852Mildred Frances Foxton  b.1853,  

Gilson Leslie Fox Foxton b.1855May Georgina Foxton b.1857


Children of Rev. George Frederick Hardman Foxton b.1825

Katherine Stuart Foxton b.1859Clara Hardman Foxton b.1860,  

Fanny Cecilia Foxton b.1862George Lardner Foxton b.1863,  

Frederick William Foxton b.1864John "Jack" Foxton b.1866,  

Henry Hardman Foxton b.1869,  Mary Catherine Dauntesey Foxton b.1870Alice T. Foxton b.1873


Children of William Foxton b. about 1834

Samuel Henry Foxton b.1865John William Foxton b.1867

Eliza Jane Foxton b.1870Frederick George Foxton b.1874

Generation 6

Children of Justin Fox Greenlaw Foxton b.1849

John Panton Foxton b.1875 Cecil Justin Foxton b.1876,  

Dr. Harold Vernon Foxton b.1878Isabel Mildred Foxton b.1880,  

Claude Gilson Foxton b.1882Constance Geraldine Foxton b.1883


Children of George Lardner Foxton b.1863

George Hubert James Foxton b.1889Marjorie Roberts Foxton b.1892,  

Richard Hardman Foxton b.1895John Beverley Foxton b.1897

 Douglas Lardner Foxton b.1900



Other families

Panton FamilyFox FamilyLambe FamilyRobertson FamilyBright FamilyBell FamilyMarley Family



Letters 1805-17Letters 1864-97, Letters from John Greenlaw Foxton

Letters from young HV Foxton, Letter from William Lane Marley


Postcards 1900-1910 Within Australia, From Britain, From America, From Africa, From Asia