William Foxton b.1755
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Mary Foxton (daughter)


Amelia Foxton (daughter) 


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William Foxton was born about 1755 in Shropshire and died about 1831 in London. He married Mary Watson in 1776 in St. Olvae, Southwark, Surrey.

William and Mary had three daughters:-

  • Mary Foxton was born in 1777 at Saint Martin Pomeroy, London, and married George Henderson in 1812 at Ugley, Essex, at the age of 35 years.
  • Amelia Foxton was born about 1779, and married John Henderson in 1809 at St. Marylebone, London, at the age of 30 years.

The two sisters married Henderson brothers.

  • Caroline Foxton was born in 1790, and married William Hayley. She died in 1860 in St Leonards, Sydney, NSW. William Hayley died, also in 1860, in Newtown, Sydney, NSW.  Their son, William Foxton Hayley was born in 1808, when Caroline was only 18 years old. William Foxton Hayley became a surgeon at Queanbeyan, near present-day Canberra, Australia. It is uncertain when Caroline and William Hayley came to Australia - possibly at the same time as their son,  in 1836.

William Foxton's will was dated 1828, and his stated addresses  are  

  • Surry Street, Strand, Middlesex

  • Somerset Place, Middlesex

  • late of Union Place Lambeth, Surrey.

His executors were his oldest daughter, Mary Henderson and his nephew William Foxton (b.1792). Some aspects of his will include:-

  • annuities paid from rental of property at Sling Street, Cheapside, London
  • an annuity to his half brother, Richard Lummas of Newport 
  • maintenance of his father's annuity to his sister, Mary Turner
  • an annuity to his brother, John Foxton of Twyning and nephew William Foxton
  • remaining rental from property to daughters, Mary Henderson and Amelia Henderson
  • 5000 pounds to brothers George and John and nephew William
  • 100 pounds to daughter Caroline Foxton
  • 50 pounds to sister Mary Turner
  • personal property to daughters, Mary and Amelia and nephew William

The full will is copied here.