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George Panton  

(born 1785)


John Panton son 

(born 1815)


Foxton Connections with John Panton's children
For detailed information about the Panton family, please visit Greg Carlill's site


To view the children of George (b.1785) and John Panton (b.1815), visit Family Trees here.
Brief history of George Panton

George Panton was born in 1785 in North Leith, Scotland. He and his wife, Maria Ker, and family arrived at Port Jackson in New South Wales on board the "General Stuart" in December 1818. The ship carried emigrants, cargo and 250 convicts. 

Four Panton children boarded the ship - Mary, Margaret, John and George- but George died at sea. Six more children were born in NSW - Louisa, Malcolm, James, Alexander, Frederick and William. 

Brothers of George Panton lived in NSW for a time:-

  • Alexander Panton MD of Glasgow

  • William Panton MD (Surgeon)

  • James Panton - Secretary to HG Douglas.

Positions held by George Panton:-

  • Postmaster of NSW from 1819

  • Colonial Postmaster in 1824

  • Postmaster General of NSW in 1825 or 1828

  • First Postmaster of Brisbane in 1824

George Panton was given several large grants of land one of which was called "Clermont" in Governor Macquarie's time. By 1832, he owned property at Picton, NSW, and at Bombala on the South Coast of Sydney.  He died in 1829 at Bunkers Hill, Sydney, NSW.


Brief History of John Panton 

John Panton was born in 1815 in North Leith, Scotland, the son of George and Maria Panton, and arrived in Australia at the age of three years. 

He married Isabella North in 1842 at Windsor, NSW, and had twelve children - Maria, Isabel, John and William (born in NSW) and Emily, Edwin, Herbert, Charles, Alfred, Herbert, Amy and Clara (born in Ipswich, Queensland).

He entered partnership with a mercantile firm, Betts and Panton of Sydney and Windsor. In the first election of the colony of NSW, he was elected as representative for Cook and Westmoreland. He moved to Brisbane and established the business Panton and Co. in Brisbane Street. He was interested in agricultural resources, and developed the cotton industry in Queensland. He was a co-founder of the Jockey Club. He acted for many years as a magistrate. He died in 1866 at "Clermont", Ipswich, Queensland.


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