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Following are snippets of information about some of John Panton's children.


Maria Susannah Panton b. 1843 (m. Samuel Moffatt) 


Isabel Francis Panton b.1845 (m. William Kellett) 

Emily Panton b.1852 

(m. Justin Fox G Foxton)

Alfred Panton b.1855

Amy Louise Panton b. 1861 

(m. William North) 

Clara Panton b.1866 

(m. Robert Andrew Scott) 


The Panton and Foxton families lived within fairly close proximity to each other - between Ipswich and Brisbane. Both families also had agricultural or pastoral interests in South-East Queensland.


Emily Panton married Justin Fox Greenlaw Foxton in 1874 in Queensland. Read her letter to her eldest sister, Maria, of her first meeting with the Foxton family in 1864 when she was 12 y ears old.  She mentions "very nice girls" and "a handsome boy". Emily married Justin Foxton ten years later. Isabel, her second sister,  is also mentioned in the letter.

Emily Foxton turned the first sod to mark the extension of the Southern Border Railway line from Stanthorpe to Wallangarra in 1885. It was completed in 1887.


Maria Susannah Panton married Samuel Moffatt in 1863 in Ipswich, Queensland. Read a note written to Emily Foxton, while she was minding Emily's son, Harold, at "The Priory" in Indooroopilly, Brisbane. [Maria Panton-Moffatt's daughter's name was also Maria Susannah Moffatt, so the letter could be signed by either mother or daughter.] 


Isabel Panton married William Kellett in 1866 in Queensland.  One of their sons, Thomas De Lacy Kellett was a lawyer, and was a keen runner, who it is said could "challenge any man over 50 yards".


Amy Louise Panton married Willie North in 1880 in Dalby. Read a letter from Emily's son, Harold, regarding his Uncle Willie. They lived on Stradbroke Island, near Brisbane.  Willie North died at Dunwich on Stradbroke Island.


Clara Panton married Robert Andrew Scott in 1886 at Toowong in Brisbane. She was the youngest daughter of John Panton, born 23 years after her eldest sister, Maria.  Read a letter written by Emily Foxton's young son, Harold, about a holiday at their property.


Alfred Panton was supposedly a very large man who was a six-shooter revolver champion. He became very weak from diabetes. He shot himself while at the Palmer River in North Queensland.