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Emily Foxton (nee Panton) Emily Foxton (nee Panton) Emily Foxton (nee Panton) Justin F G Foxton
Buralia, 1886?


25 January 1887

The Priory, 

03 May, 1888

The Priory, 1886


Letter from Harold Foxton to his mother, Emily Foxton, maybe in 1886 (undated) , aged about 7 or 8 years

My dear Mother

The first day we went for a bathe in the creek and next day Uncle Willy  took me for a ride to  the mill. I had dinner there with a tin mug and a tin plate. We are all going for a picknick on Saturday to the mountain and Palm Creek. 

I remain dear mother, your loving son

Harold Foxton



Letter from Harold Foxton to his father, JFG Foxton, in 1886, aged about 8 years



My dear Father

I am top of my class. A boy gave me a little brass cannon. It can fire really. Mother says I must wait until you come home to let you fire it. I was in Mother's bed. Tonty ran in and said good morning Fiz. Cousin Leonard wants one of Fly's pups. I hope you will soon be home. Lizzie Wheeler got nearly burnt to death.

Good night dear Father, your lovely son

Harold Foxton

Here's a riddle. Who was a sailor in a big sea? Noah.


  • HV Foxton was educated at the Bowen House School before going to Brisbane Grammar.


Letter from Harold Foxton to his mother, Emily Foxton, in 1887, aged 8 and a half 

Jan 25th 1887


My dear Mother

I have rode sixty-four miles. I am coming home on Friday. Clara says I have been a good boy. There has been a bad flood up here. It covered a lucerne paddock about two or three miles long, and broke a willow tree. Did the river come up near the house and hw is the boat? The creek was so bad that it covered the line and Andrew had to go after his cattle and had to swim his horse nearly a mile.

Harold Foxton


Letter from Harold Foxton to his mother, Emily Foxton, in 1888, aged nearly 10

The Priory

May 3rd 1888


My dear Mother

I got your nice letter to-day. I have had good written to my sums twice since you left. Do you think you will be home in time for my birthday? Florie and Joey will die soon if Constance does not send a kiss to them. I will go over to meet Father on Saturday morning. I hope you will come back soon. Torty undresses himself every night and dresses himself every morning. He sends some xxxxxxx to you and father and Tonty. Minx caught one of my guinea pigs by the neck but it is all right again. One of Mrs. Nussey's ducks flew down here twice and Miss Nussey came for it. Uncle Gilson's dog Jack stays here now. Are you all right? Bill has such a nice pair of guinea pigs. They are better than mine. 

From Harold Foxton

Cissie sends love and says if you would like some young cedars and some large water lilies she will get some for you - the lilies are as large as a soup plate, and light and dark mauve. 

M.S. Moffatt


  • M.S. Moffatt is Maria Susanna Moffatt (ne Panton) - his mother's sister, who must have been minding him at the time when his parents were away.
  • Constance is his sister, born 1883
  • Torty must be his brother, Claude Gilson, born 1883
  • Uncle Gilson Leslie Fox Foxton, born 1855