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Letters or extracts from ....

Emily Panton Rev. George Fred. H. Foxton Katherine "Katie" Foxton
Ipswich, Qld., 1864 Dawsmere, Lincolnshire 1892 Dawsmere, Lincolnshire, 1897



Extract from  Emily Panton's letter to her eldest sister in 1864


Nov 6th 1864

There are some very nice girls.  They have been living here some time. They are the Foxtons. Oh they are so nice and they have a brother who is the nicest boy in town. You ask Isabel if he isn’t. His name is Justin, he is very very handsome. He plays the piano very nicely and dances beautifully.  So you may guess who he is.

Emily Mary Panton

Letter from Rev. George Frederick Hardman Foxton, possibly to John Greenlaw Foxton


Dawsmere Vicarage


25 Nov 1892


Dear Sir,


In accordance with my promise at the commencement of the week, I have filled in the part marked with red in the sketch which I now return. I believe the John Foxton marked as of Twyning died at Ludlow-Galop where he practised as a Medical Man, and was very highly esteemed. It is very probable I may be in Town early in Dec. and if so, I would do myself the pleasure of calling if you would allow me.


I am quite unable to give you any information regarding William Foxton whose name stands first in the list.

I have written to my son in America for an impression of the seal, and will write on getting his reply.

Yours very truly,


GFH Foxton



  • Dr. John Foxton, GFH Foxton's grandfather 

  • William Foxton (b.1725?) Interestingly, the family was interested in genealogy!

Unknown author (possibly one of the Marley children) to cousin, Harold V. Foxton, regarding great-grandmother, Wilhemina Fox (then Foxton, then Jones)

Mother told me she didn’t see that her Grandmother’s second marriage was so disastrous, as she remembered as a child that he (Mr. Jones) was a very nice man and their children were very nice, and she never heard of the business or the loss of their money.

The widow of Captain John Foxton RN had two children, John Greenlaw Foxton born 7 Jan 1811, and Anne born the same year in Dec 1811. John married Isabel Potts – they were our grandparents. Isabel’s two sisters, Lellie and Fanny were mothers of the Herring and Moody families.

Anne Foxton married James Robertson of Sydney (a brother of Sir John Robertson). John and Anne Foxton were very much alike and their children also very alike. The Jones’ half brothers and sisters all had the same likeness – the same long nose.

Three of these Jones children married three Dawsons of Sydney (2 brothers and a sister of the one family married 2 sisters and a brother of the other family).

Justin Foxton and his cousins Willie and Wattie Robertson had similar features, and Mrs Sheaffe and Cousin Emma Leurs were also Robertsons and very like the Foxtons. 

Aunt Emma Dawson, wife of John Dawson, solicitor, Sydney, was absurdly like Grandfather and was his half sister. William Jones of Melbourne was his half brother and had sons Maffro and Murray Jones. When you were with Aunt Milly, Harry, you may have met them. Aunt Charlotte and Ettie Jones lived in a nice little modern home “White Lodge” Toorak, and were very nice indeed.


Letter from Katherine Foxton to George Lardner and Annie Foxton in Wyoming in 1897

Dawsmere Vicarage, Holbeach, Lincoln, England

Tuesday afternoon, March 12, 1895

 My Dearest George & Annie

Forgive my writing to you both together (word???).  I have no time to write separately today & I know you will be glad to get a letter.  Father wrote to you last week letting you of dear little Alice's death.  Everything was done that could be done, every attention & the best of nursing, but no use, does not it seem hard that she should die.  She did not know mercifully that she was dying & she did not ask for anyone.  Papa told you all about it, that she was not allowed to see anyone, but it does seem to hard darling little Alice.  

She was buried last Friday next to dear Fanny.  I never saw anything so lovely as the flowers that were sent from all parts of the country heaps & heaps of roses and wreaths & her grave is covered with the most lovely white ones you can imagine.  & we have had hundreds of letters everyone loved Alice, she was so sweet & such a baby in lots of things & all her dear ways.  

If you had been in England George you could not have seen her the doctor dare not let anyone, just on the Saturday & Sunday (the days before she died) she was so much better, they thought, that Papa was allowed for a minute or two, but she was so afraid of not doing as Doctor Harris said. so would not let him stay long.  

Father is well.  Keeping up far better than I every thought he would do so far.  Ernest Barrett & his brother have been over here & only went yesterday.  Poor Ernest he looks awful, they had made such plans for their future it seems to cruel, & she was so badly wanted.  

Annie dear old girl I hope you are taking care of yourself it is not that I don't think of you & George that I so seldom write.  I am sure we often & often talk about you.  When are we to see little Margery's photograph.  It was so so miserable the funeral on Friday - dreadful but Mary says she looked so happy after she died & it was so sudden at last they thought her so very very much better.  I should love to have been with her when she was ill dear little darling.  I can never forget the awful week I had here alone and how I felt when I saw Mary come back & the last I had heard from Ely was - she was much better.  Mary had gone down there the day before (from Harrow where she was staying 3 weeks) Mary says she is writing on Friday.  Clearer than me, she will be.  Love to you both,

Your loving sister Katie

Post is here waiting so try & make this out.  No time for more now.