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William Foxton b.1725
Rev. George Foxton
Dr. John Foxton
Capt. John Foxton
John Greenlaw Foxton
Dr. W. Foxton Hayley
Col. Justin F G Foxton
The Pantons
Dr Harold V Foxton
Rev. G.F.H. Foxton
Postcards 1900-1910
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The following postcards were sent by family and friends 

  • travelling abroad and in Australia
  • as Christmas, New Year and birthday cards

to members of the

  • Foxton family living at The Priory, Indooroopilly, Brisbane 

  • Hooper family, either at a Creek Street Brisbane business address, or to a home address at Fernberg Road, Milton, Brisbane, or to a Cornhill, London address.

Interestingly, many postcards sent from within Australia do not depict their address of posting. Apparently, postcards were collected or purchased for future correspondence use.

The main recipients were
  • Colonel Justin Fox Greenlaw Foxton
  • Mrs. Emily Foxton (née Panton)
  • Miss Mildred Foxton
  • Mr. Claude Gilson Foxton
  • Mr. TB Hooper and Misses Kathleen and Jean Hooper (family friends)


Postcard (right)

dated 26/05/1906, London, addressed to

Miss M. Foxton

The Priory




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Prince of Wales
"London very gay on occasion of banquet to Prince of Wales last night."
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If family members are interested in more postcards, please contact me and I'll send you a CD