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Postcards addressed to Miss Mildred Foxton at The Priory, Indooroopilly, Brisbane, and at Osborne House, Fitzroy, Melbourne, and to Miss Constance Foxton, also at Indooroopilly.

Pitt Street, Sydney

31 Aug 1906

pittstreet pic.jpg (139115 bytes) pittstreet text.jpg (141838 bytes)

Barron Falls, Queensland

5 June 1906


barronfalls pic.jpg (137118 bytes) barronfalls text.jpg (117315 bytes)

Glen Innes 

New South Wales 


gleninnes2 pic.jpg (136762 bytes) gleninnes2 text.jpg (138640 bytes) Brisbane Botanical Gardens  brisbanegardens pic.jpg (167198 bytes) brisbanegardens text.jpg (127290 bytes)
Hilda's Garden hildasgarden pic.jpg (111140 bytes) hildasgarden text.jpg (106132 bytes)

Mt. Morgan, Queensland

10 April 1905


mt morgan pic.jpg (129388 bytes) mt morgan text.jpg (79710 bytes)

Hawkesbury R. 


April 1904

hawkesburyriver pic.jpg (118213 bytes) hawkesburyriver text.jpg (119385 bytes)

Brisbane Botanical Gardens

22 December 1903

brisbanegardens2 pic.jpg (161704 bytes) brisbanegardens2 text.jpg (111263 bytes)

Brisbane River



brisbaneriver pic.jpg (133712 bytes) brisbaneriver text.jpg (111804 bytes)
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