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Postcards addressed to members of the Hooper Family, either at Creek Street, Brisbane, or Fernberg Road, Milton, Brisbane, or Cornhill, London.

Hyde Park, London

30 November 1906

hydepark pic.jpg (151209 bytes) hydepark text.jpg (101174 bytes) Forth Bridge

3 July 1907

forthbridge pic.jpg (141419 bytes) forthbridge text.jpg (80266 bytes)


26 January 1907

aberdeen pic.jpg (169865 bytes) aberdeen text.jpg (122405 bytes)

Ben Lomond

9 August 1907

benlomond pic.jpg (155548 bytes) benlomond text.jpg (101073 bytes)

Dumbarton Harbour

23 January 1907

dumbarton pic.jpg (120008 bytes) dumbarton text.jpg (86106 bytes)

Exeter Cathedral

13 May 1906

exeter pic.jpg (198744 bytes) exeter text.jpg (95658 bytes)

Princes Dock Glasgow

16 January 1907

glasgow pic.jpg (132941 bytes) glasgow text.jpg (153634 bytes)

Harrow Speech Room


harrow pic.jpg (95582 bytes) harrow text.jpg (99055 bytes)

Jersey, Channel Islands

19 January 1904

channelislands pic.jpg (98938 bytes) channelislands text.jpg (145243 bytes)
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