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William Foxton b.1725
Rev. George Foxton
Dr. John Foxton
Capt. John Foxton
John Greenlaw Foxton
Dr. W. Foxton Hayley
Col. Justin F G Foxton
The Pantons
Dr Harold V Foxton
Rev. G.F.H. Foxton
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Postcards addressed to Hooper Family
Gibraltar and Hythe gibraltar pic.jpg (92229 bytes) hythe pic.jpg (96402 bytes)


6 December 1906


dunqerque pic3.jpg (93781 bytes) dunqerque text3.jpg (78841 bytes)


31 January 1906

hamburg pic.jpg (187742 bytes) hamburg text.jpg (95399 bytes)

Eiffel Tower

August 1906


eiffeltower pic.jpg (96276 bytes) eiffeltower text.jpg (102489 bytes)


6 December 1906


dunquirke pic.jpg (105620 bytes) dunkerque text.jpg (83551 bytes)
Postcard addressed to Mildred Foxton


December 1904

brussels pic.jpg (140973 bytes) brussels text.jpg (93156 bytes)