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Edith Isabel Foxton married Dr. William Lane Marley in 1876. Their two children were Viva Isabel (b.1878) and Miles Bradford (b.1879).Dr. W. Marley Another unnamed son was born in 1876, but died soon after.

The Marley and Foxton stories form part of Stanthorpe's history, and a study of the Marley family proves interesting reading. Of particular interest are the references to Charles Dickens and Mary Queen of Scots  (see below right)

View notes on the Marley family members here.         View notes on the Seton family members here.

View a letter written by William Lane Marley to his wife Edith, from Port Douglas.

sp: Sarah SETON
    | Dr. Miles Peter Jeffrey William MARLEY (b.1798 d.1854)
    | sp: Mary WILSON
    |    | Mary Anna MARLEY
    |    | Miles Herbert MARLEY
    |    | Miles MARLEY
    |    | George MARLEY
    |    | Emily MARLEY
    |    | Isabella MARLEY
    |    |Dr. Henry Frederick MARLEY (b.1832 d.1908)
    |    | sp: Marian UNKNOWN
    |    |    | Marian MARLEY
    |    |    | Ethel MARLEY
    |    |    | Gertrude MARLEY
    |    |    | Kathleen MARLEY
    |    |    | Adela MARLEY
    |    |    | sp: Dr. Frank HARVEY (d.1973)
    |    |    |Edith MARLEY
    |    |    | Dora MARLEY
    |    |    | Mildred MARLEY
    |    | Dr. William Lane MARLEY (b.1834 d.1888)
    |    |sp: Harriette Mary UNKNOWN (d.1867)

    |    |    |Unknown MARLEY (d.1867)
    |    | sp: Edith Isabel FOXTON (b.1851 m.1876 d.1926)
    |    |    | Unknown MARLEY (b.1876 d.1876)
    |    |    | Viva Isabel MARLEY (b.1878 d.1952)
    |    |    | Miles Bradford MARLEY (b.1879 d.1952)
    |    |    | sp: UNKNOWN
    |    |    |     | Jack MARLEY
    |    |    |     | William MARLEY
    |    | Dr. Richard Blagdon MARLEY (d.1888)
    |    | sp: Agnes BADHAM
    |    |    | Louisa Mary MARLEY
    |    |    | sp: William Henry GRIFFIN
    |    | Margaret MARLEY
    |    | Jane MARLEY

Some interesting points:-

Sarah Seton, grandmother of William Lane Marley, was a direct descendant of the family of Sarah Seton, the famous lady-in-waiting to Mary Queen of Scots.  Detailed Seton family details here.

The first six children of Dr. Miles PJW Marley died in infancy or childhood. The three surviving sons became doctors.  Miles and Mary Marley lived at Piccadilly, then Westminster, then Bayswater, London. He had a strong interest in children's diseases, education and welfare. He was a friend of Charles Dickens, who used the name "Marley" in "A Christmas Carol" with Jacob Marley, and the ghost of Marley.

Dr. Henry F. Marley lived at Padsow, Cornwall, at The Nook, now called The Dower House of Prideaux Place. Henry and Marian Marley had eight daughters.


Dr. William L. Marley also lived at Padstow, Cornwall. He migrated to Australia as a surgeon on board a passenger ship after the death of his wife and infant. On board were Cornish tin miners bound for newly-discovered alluvial tin at Stanthorpe, Queensland. He accompanied them there. He married Edith Isabel Foxton in 1876. He worked as a surgeon at Stanthorpe Hospital and in private practice. He was also the Government Medical Officer, and Surgeon in the Police Force.  He died in 1888 in Port Douglas, Queensland. In 1883, he wrote to his wife from Port Douglas, believing he had a short time to live.

Miss Viva Marley's house today

Miss Viva Marley's house is in High Street, Stanthorpe. (at right)


Dr. Richard B. Marley practised with his father in London before going to Bromyard and Hereford then back to London, where he practised at Trafalgar Road. He also died in 1888.

More Marley family details here.

Last updated: 24 June 2008