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Rev. George Foxton

(father) b 1761



Rev. George Frederick Hardman Foxton 

(son) b.1825


William Foxton 

(son) b.1834 about


Rev. George Lardner Foxton was born in 1794 in Great Coxwell, Berkshire, England and died in 1879 in Kempsey St Mary, Worcestshire, England. He married Anne Hardman in 1822 in Bury, Saint Mary's Lancashire. George Lardner Foxton .........
  • matriculated from Worcester College, Oxford in 1812,  aged 18
  • ordained deacon and priest in 1818 at St Peters Chapel, Blackburn, Lancashire
  • graduated B.A. in 1823 at Christs College, Cambridge
  • graduated M.A. in 1826 at Christs College, Cambridge
  • P.C. of St Peter's Chapel, Blackburn, Lancashire
  • Vicar of St Peter-the-Great with Chapel of Whittington, Worcester 1839-52
  • Vicar of Kempsey St Mary, Worcester 1852-79

George and Anne had eleven children:-

  • Frances Elizabeth Foxton, born in 1823
  • Rev. George Frederick Hardman Foxton, born in 1825 at Langham, Rutland, England, and died in 1896 at Dawsmere, Lincolnshire, where he was Vicar
  • Mary Anne Foxton born 1828 in Blackpool, Lancashire. The 1881 Census states that Mary Anne was aged 52, was deaf, and lived at 10 Selkirk Parade, Cheltenham, Gloucester in 1881. She lived with her sister Caroline, aged 34, and a domestic servant.
  • Amelia C Foxton, born about 1830 in Blackpool, Lancashire, named after her father's sister.
  • Esther Foxton, born in 1830 at Blackpool, Lancashire. In the 1881 Census, she was unmarried at the age of 51.
  • William Foxton, born about 1834, married with four children. He worked with the Civil Service in India.
  • Charles Foxton, born in 1838 at Blackpool, Lancashire, married with two children. He was an architect / surveyor in London, and lived in Lambeth, Surrey, England.
  • Edward Foxton, date of birth unknown, but died in 1840 at Worcester, and buried at St Peter the Great, Worcester, where his father was Vicar.
  • Arthur Foxton, born in 1840 at Worcester and died in 1843 Worcester, buried at St. Peter the Great, Worcester, where his father was Vicar.
  • Frank Foxton, born in 1841 in Worcester. He was a banker who later moved to Australia. No more information is found on him at present.
  • Caroline Foxton, born in 1846 at Worcester, and died after 1901. The 1881 British census states that Mary Anne Foxton, aged 52,  and Caroline Foxton, aged 34, were living at 10 Selkirk Parade,  Cheltenham, Gloucester.

Points of interest:-

  • It appears that only the sons, George, William and Charles married and had children
  • Edward and Arthur Foxton died in 1840 and 1843 respectively, as infants.
  • Mary Anne, Caroline, Esther and possibly Amelia or Frances Foxton are the Misses Foxton of Cheltenham, mentioned by John Greenlaw Foxton in his letter, and found below-


We have not heard from any of the Rev. Geo. Foxton’s family for several weeks, and the Indian Judge William Foxton is still in America among the Rev. Geo’s family, settled there viz. four sons, two of them married, of my four maiden cousins (the Misses Foxtons) living at Cheltenham – one died the other day.

JG Foxton