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Will of William Foxton, born 1755. Will dated 1828. Will proved 1831.


Will of William Foxton of Strand, Middlesex

This is the last Will and Testament of me William Foxton of Surry Street Strand in the County of Middlesex, also of Somerset Place in the same County and late of Union Place Lambeth in the County of Surrey.  To be buried in the crypt under Battersea Church in the County of Surrey, as near to my late dear wife Mary as possible if I should die within twenty miles of the source, and that my funeral be conducted as privately as possible and with as little exposure as is consistent with our bereaved.  

I nominate and appoint my dear daughter Mary Henderson, wife of George Augustus Henderson Esq. And my nephew William Foxton of Somerset place in the city of Westminster, Gentleman, Executors, in trust of this my will.  

I give to my half brother, Mr. Richard Lummas of late visiting in or near the town of Newport in the County of Salop, an annuity of sixteen pounds for the term of his natural life and direct that the source be chargeable on and payable out of the wills of my freehold premises in Sling Street Cheapside, the City of London which premises are also subject to an annuity twenty pounds long since bought of me by my father for the life of my dear sister Mary Turner of the town of Newport aforesaid.  

And I hereby direct my executors to pay my said sisters annuity up to the day of my decease.  And from there I direct that my said sisters annuity and my said brothers annuity shall be paid to them respectively or to their respective assignees, shalt yearly ours, that the first payment of the said annuities shall be made at the end of six calendar months next after my decease.  And I will that if the said annuities or either of them shall be arrears for the span of six calendar months after the torte same shall become due then the same said annuities and their assignees shall respectively have power to ?? and distribute all upon the said prerequisites for the ? of every said arrear in such manner as allowed by law.  Directed and authorized to distribute for out in arrears subject to the said annuity. Twenty pounds and sixteen pence I give and devise my said freehold, messuage, tenant or warehouse thereto, said premises in Sling Street aforesaid, unto my brother John Foxton of Twyning in the county of Gloucester and my said Nephew William Foxton, their heirs and assigns, upon trust that they and the survivors of them and the heirs and assigns of such survivors do and shall pay out money or equal half part of the rents of the said premises unto each of my said daughters Mary & Amelia Henderson during their respective lives or to said respective appointees by writing under the respective hands for their sole and separate use free from the control of debts and encumbrances of their present of any future husbands.  And I direct that their respective receipts and the receipts of their respective appointees notwithstanding their co-indenture shall be sufficient discharges to the parties paying the same and immediately after the decease of my said daughter Mary then to pay the money to her husband, the said George Augustus Henderson or his assignees during his life and after the decease of the survivor of them the said George Augustus Henderson and Mary Henderson so and shall stand seized of the said money of the said rents in trust to pay the same during the lives of the said John William Henderson and Amelia his wife and the survivor of them to the heirs and the children of my said daughter Mary by her present of any future husband in such shares and proportions as my said daughter Mary and her said husband or the survivor of them shall appoint and for want of such appointment in trust for such heirs or children equally and in case my said daughter Mary shall have no such wills I direct my said trustees or trustee shall pay her whole of the said indemnity unto my said daughter Amelia or her assignees for life for her separate use said as to her either in money or half point of this unto so as aforesaid.   Unto my said daughter Amelia for her life I direct that in case of her death my said trustees do and shall pay the same unto her husband the said John William Henderson or his assigns giving his life after the decease of the survivor of them the said John William Henderson and Amelia his wife be once shall be stand seized of the same money of the will of my said devised funerals promises in trust for the heirs and children of the said daughter Amelia by her present or any future husbands in such shares and proportions as my said daughter Amelia and her said husband or the survivor of them shall appoint or for want of such appointment…and of my brother the Rev. George Foxton Rector of Newtown Montgomeryshire and I direct that the said trustees and the said George Foxton shall be freed and discharged from the said annuities of such of them whom …

I give and bequeath the sum of five thousand pounds three pence percent consolidated annuities unto the said George Foxton, John Foxton and William Foxton, I give and bequeath to my daughter Caroline Hayley the sum of one hundred pounds sterling to be paid after the expiration of six calendar months past after my decease into the proper ? of her and proportions form time to time as ? by ? or writing under her hand shall direct or appoint or to request and to be for the separate use of her present or any future husband and I direct that the receipts and the receipts of her… and bequeath to my said sister Mary Turner fifty pounds and my said brothers John Foxton and George Foxton the sum of nineteen pounds and to my said half brother Richard Lummas thirty pounds to my grandson William George Henderson my gold watch twenty pounds to my nephew William Foxton fifty pounds and I direct to the servant who shall be living with us at my decease five pounds and I direct that upon be given to such of my relations and friends as my grantors shall ? will is notified by such a reversal out as to all and S? my due to me or these members or policy of first awarded pounds or my said brother George Foxton life in the equitable ?? office and other Societies and my Grand Union wills and books and all my stocks in the public funds and all my personal estate property and effects I give and bequeath the same to my said daughters Mary and Amelia Henderson and my said nephew William Foxton my sons(?) before ? 

Executors the executors or upon trust….this fourth day of March 1828 W. Foxton III signed sealed published by his testator William Foxton as his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names and do witness the subscription of the testators having been first enlisted on line at the top of the first sheet and in the words 'herein such appointments shall contain or direction to the courtesy of this house situated in ?? Street-

Jim Pattison Panton Exchequer ? Offices, John Martin Pipe Office, George Henry Parlby and Blooomsbury Place Soliciter.


Proved at London the 26th August 1831 before the worshipful John Doubson Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the oath of William Foxton the nephew one of the executors to whom as now was (minutes?)  having been first sworn before to one power rested of making the like point to Mary Henderson wife of George Augustus Henderson Esq and Amelia Henderson wife of John William Henderson Esq. The legatees the other executors when they shall apply for the same