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William Foxton b.1725
Rev. George Foxton
Dr. John Foxton
Capt. John Foxton
John Greenlaw Foxton
Dr. W. Foxton Hayley
Col. Justin F G Foxton
The Pantons
Dr Harold V Foxton
Rev. G.F.H. Foxton
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Justin Fox Greenlaw Foxton (father) Emily Panton (mother)
John Panton Foxton (son) Cecil Justin Moffatt Foxton (son) Dr. Harold Vernon Foxton (son)
Isabel Mildred Foxton (daughter) Claude Gilson Foxton (son) Constance Geraldine Foxton (daughter)


Both boys were treated for their illness by their father's brother-in-law, Dr. W.L. Marley, of Stanthorpe. Dr. Marley and his wife, Edith Foxton, also lost a newborn son the following month.

John Panton was named after his maternal grandfather, and Cecil Justin after his father.

  • Harold Vernon FOXTON MB. BS. FRACS. was born in  1878 in Stanthorpe, Queensland. He studied medicine at MelbourneKebroyd, Indooroopilly University. He married Mary Cater, of Brisbane, and had one son, Justin Richard Vernon Foxton. Before his wife's death from tuberculosis in 1914, he was Superintendent of a mental hospital, Sandy Gallop, near Ipswich. He served as a Major in the Medical Corps in France in WW1, where he met his second wife, Annie Bell. They had two children - Mary Constance Foxton and Harold Alexander Bell Foxton.

On his return to Australia in 1918, he practised at the Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne, then the Eye and Ear HospitalRona, Indooroopilly in Brisbane, where he settled. He lived at "Kebroyd", Indooroopilly, then "Rona", Indooroopilly. 

He became a prominent ear, nose and throat specialist in Brisbane. He died in 1952.


  • Isabel Mildred Foxton (Mil)  was born in 1880 in Stanthorpe, Queensland, where her father, John Greenlaw Foxton ran aMildred Foxton property farming tobacco. She was unmarried, and lived with her brother, Justin Fox Greenlaw Foxton, at "The Priory" Indooroopilly, Brisbane, while he was a MLA in Queensland, then at "Bulimba House" Bulimba, Brisbane, after he became a MHR in the federal parliament in Melbourne. 

After his death in 1916, she undertook several positions, including as a "lady cook" to households in England, then as Matron of "Churchie" Prep (an Anglican boys' boarding school in Brisbane), then as a carer of the children (John, Helen and Rosemary) of the Montefiore family in Toowoomba.Bulimba House, Brisbane.

She died in the late 1940's in Brisbane after suffering from breast cancer and a stroke. 

She was named after her mother, Isabel Potts, and her father's sister, Mildred Frances Foxton.


  • Claude FoxtonClaude Gilson Foxton was born in 1882.  He was Aide-de-Camp  to Lord Chelmsford, Private Secretary to Sir George Le Hunt.

He married Evelyn Stewart Brown-Lumsden, of Hamilton, Brisbane. After her family inherited an estate in Scotland - Auchrey House in Cuminestown, near Aberdeen, the Brown-Lumsden family and Claude Foxton moved to Scotland. Telephone records of Aberdeen show that Mrs. Agnes Brown-Lumsden (mother) lived at Auchrey House until 1944. In 1945 the telephone service is listed for Miss Lucy Mary Stewart Lumsden-Brown.
Visit http://www.monquhitter.co.uk/ for information on the home farm of Auchrey House, Cuminestown


  • Constance Geraldine Foxton (Connie) was born in 1883 in Brisbane, Queensland. She married Charles Bright, and had one daughter, Mary Bright. Charles Bright was the Head of the Postmaster General's Department (PMG) in Australia. They lived in Melbourne.